Michael Booher

My wife and I have known Regina from her Ministry as a Concert Soloist, and Christian Speaker/ Author, but we also knew she was an exceptional Interior Designer. She served me in 2 home's for renovation's -- color palettes -- accessory design & furniture placement. One of my homes was on the lake and we did a $200,000 entire home remodel plus added a Master Suite onto the house. She was more t han efficient, kind, patient and very creative through the entire process. Her team of contractors were also 5 - star. After the success in this home I hired her for my 2nd project, as she assisted with minor design needs -- paint selections, accessorizing, furniture placement, and wall décor. I am a P astor . 3 rd project was her assistance with the complete renovation of the church sanctuary and coffee shop space. She is especially incredible with color , furniture placement and gallery wall creativity. I recommend her without reservation. She is everything we needed and fulfilled our expectations above and beyond - while keeping us within our budget.

Michael Booher

Regina was first my friend, and then my Interior Designer. I had lived in my parent's 1964 build home for many years unable to do any updating. So... when I was financial able, called her and we begin the $125,000 make - over on this "badly in need of remodel and de - cluttering home." Regina walked me through each s tep of the process from our initial meeting with the builder's & architect, (which she also assisted in the layout for the new look) to shopping for doors, windows, lighting, countertops, cabinets, hardware, furniture, flooring, accessories, & window treat ments. Building can be so stressful, but she kept my spirits up and us on track with her sense of humor, love for God, and focus on the goals we had to reach. Budge was also very important, and that was foremost for her as well for me. She has a gift, and my recommendation is that you hire her... you will not regret having her skills, expertise and experience assisting you on your interior, or exterior design dreams.

Jan Roberts

Just a small job - but the changes were huge for me in my home. A cha nge in color, area rugs, furniture placement, even wall décor. Regina's touch and creative eye transformed my kitchen, soffit areas, breakfast with new table bakers' rack, and Livingroom, even Master Bedroom into a totally different feel and environment. Changes with my color palette, even without painting, gave me home an atmosphere of warmth and Feng Sui. It just felt so much more cozy and pleasant. Inviting. Home. She really does "Maximize Color, Comfort, Space, Beauty & Style! ...as her tag - line says. My home became my place of refuge, peace, beauty and harmony for a price that was very reasonable. You cannot go wrong using Regina's INTERIOR DESIGNS, I would call her again to design for me.

Carol Bernard

I hired Regina first to take at look at a home for us that we were renovating to move into to. Just a few simple things like paint colors, back - splash, countertops, lighting, and some ideas of bathroom renovations and flooring. We spent some time shopping for backsplash and countertops and her input was invaluable. Then, I brought her to my offices for a face - lift there. She sat down with me, gave me some ideas and I sent her shopping. When she came back... she had purchased items that we loved and transformed our offices with her hammer and ha nging gear in a matter of a few hours into a brand - new look. She captured the feel I wanted to achieve, while inviting, yet professional on the budget pretty close to what I anticipated. She was great at keeping that in mind as well. We still have a litt le more work to do, so she will veg ack, and I recommend her highly.


I found Regina's INTERIOR DESIGNS on Angie's List, and am so glad I did. My brother and I purchased a home together, and were desperately in need of some updates. We felt timing was good and I'd set aside a budget aside , so we called Regina. With her initial consultation, we were thrilled we had 30 - minutes to meet and see if it was a fit for FREE - no FEE! After meeting her and discussing our goals, we felt comforta ble and hired her on the spot. Our project included lifting a sunken LR floor, replacing flooring there, entry and hall, and a total Master Bath Remodel - which meant taking out the tub and installing a new tile, door - less shower. We added barn - doors fro m the Master Bathroom into the bedroom, and absolutely LOVE that look and the overall convenience that he created, not to mention space. Her creative eye and gift for color is amazing. Regina brought in her experienced and expert team of Contractors and the job was completed in a timely and excellent manor. We were thrilled with the end results. We did go over budget some, but had a few unexpected bumps along the way, overall, we are very happy with the final results and will be hiring Regina again in the future for more projects.


We weren't in need of a lot, moved here but just were not able to get placement of furniture or even choose new furniture since we are retired, and have had so m any things for so many years. Just a col lection of treasure. We found Regina on Home Advisor Pro, and called her. After meeting we felt she was a perfect fit for us. With our project she fulfilled all our requests with purchasing our furniture, end tables and coffee table area rugs for LR and DR --- Lamps, a few added accessories we needed, and then her expertise in working on our soffit areas in kitchen, and wall groupings and placement of furniture ---- as well as just giving us ideas for other rooms, was fantastic. She was great... kind, pat ient, and attentive. We hope to use her again in the future. Highly recommend.

Mike & Jane Smith

I found Regina's INTERIOR DESIGNS on Home Advisor Pro, and the timing could not have been more perfect. My 3 - year - old grandson was visiting and my home wa s somewhat of a catastrophe. He looked up and me and said "Grandma your house is a mess!" That was the last straw. I called Regina the next morning... and the rest is history. She came by and barely could find a place to sit... but was kind and caring. Af ter we talked, I knew she would be a perfect fit for my dilemma, so I hired her that day, on a Friday, to return on Monday and start. She was amazing. From d ecluttering my home and helping me see my Kitchen, DR, LR and Master Bedroom again, I was thrille d. We then decided on a complete remodel for k itchen, painting all the rooms, added crown molding, new baseboards, All new lighting, -- new Master Bathroom, and upstairs Bathroom, removed tub and designed a beautiful subway tile - walk - in shower. Over $8 0,000 in remodel. It is gorgeous. She had just moved to Fort Worth 3 months prior, so we did have some bumps along the way with Contractors because she was just getting her team established, but all was made right, and passed inspection at the end of the project. Regina also did an amazing job with a gallery wall on my stairway with all the treasured pictures of family and memories. She was not only the organizer - designer I needed, but became a very dear friend, who I invited to go with me to Cabo San Lucas last summer. She is a treasure, just talk to her, she will make it happen for you too.

Barbara Parris

We are both Teachers. Our budget is tight, needless to say, but we needed help in our home. We had lived there over a year, and didn't even have sufficient furniture because we didn't know where to start. AS I said, we are teachers, so we have no eye for color or design. We found Regina on Angie's List and gave her a call. She arrived, cheerful and loving her work. We had a 30 - minure FREE Consultation with her, and knew she was a fit for us. She immediately went to work. We gave her our budget, she we nt over ideas with us, and told us she would shop and be back. Wow! When she returned the first time, it was life - changing. She began with our Family Room, and asked us to just let her do her "stuff" and she would call us when she had everything set up. She wouldn't pound any holes until we her the OK. We walked in and were amazed. It was a lot, of course because we had NOTHING in the room but the sectional. She brought the area rug, accessories, wall décor, just everything. We loved it... but told it seem like a lot. So... she asked us to just live with it for a few days or a week, them call her. If we still felt it was too much, she would happily tweak it, and refund any money necessary. So... we did. After just a few days, we LOVED everything. It fe lt like home. So we called and hired her again to move forward - she completed our DR, LR and Den, with everything from the furniture to a final gorgeous design look that expressed who we are . We are thrilled. We had to stop to save more money, but will be bringing her back to renovate our kitchen and work upstairs for us next year. You will want to hire Regina. Communication is huge with her... she listens and has the most creative eye for making your home look like YOU!

Beth & John Brunette

I met Regina at t he Fort Worth TX Home & Garden Show in March 2018. I liked her that day, and felt for sure we would end up working together. We were just finishing a new build so timing was a little off to begin anytime soon. Regina touched base with me several times, just checking to see, and I'd ask her to call me back...still wasn't ready. She was patient, not pushy. We finished the outdoor pool and a few other things, so I asked her to call me at the end of August... by September 10 th we were meeting and I hired her to assist me with a number of things I had not been able to finalize . I love Interior Design and have an eye for what I love... but needed professional assistance. Regina did that and more. From choosing perfect pieces for a pool bathroom Hutch, to custom area rugs for the master suite, to accessorizing my DR table and walls by the hutch and in DR, buffet wall area, choosing the perfect ensemble for the guest bedroom twin beds, to adding the final touches to rooms with accessories that I already owned, she is gifted. Impeccable taste in FINDING what YOU want and like. She is no t offended when you tell her your tastes and preferences and focuses on that to find exactly the perfect fit. She listens, and is attentive at taking notes to fulfill you r needs an d requests in the process. We spent some bucks... but she was also very conscientious with pricing... never spending without our approval or agreement. She is the best, and she will be working with me more after the holidays and things slow down. I call he r friend now, too, not just my Interior Designer, and recommend her without hesitation.

Cyndi Starr